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Against the Clippers was LeBron James night, tonight is Anthony Davis's

The LA Lakers had a low start as usual, but tonight they were able to tie quickly in the game

By James Brown

Anthony Davis vs. Wizards
Anthony Davis vs. Wizards
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling most of the season, especially from the first quarters as they have been trailing by more than 13+ points in most of the games.

Against the Clippers, the Lakers trailed in the first quarter and even entered the last quarter with a 19-point deficit that quickly became a 21-point difference but LeBron James had a monster 4th quarter performance.

James needed to be great and he was on fire leading the team to probably their best win of the season so far. Now the team needs to get a new victory against the Wizards, a team that is one of the bottom groups in the NBA.

LA lost the first quarter but now in the first half things have turned for the Lakers as they are leading by one point thanks to Anthony Davis who is having a great performance and could take the spotlight just like LeBron did.

Austin Reaves revealed LeBron James' message after the win over the Clippers

Austin Reaves said that LeBron's message for the locker room after the epic comeback was that it didn't matter the win if they weren't capable of beating the Wizards tonight. So far they are trailing.

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