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LeBron James beat the Clippers so badly that got an apology from Stephen A. Smith

The LA Lakers had a great win over the LA Clippers and Stephen A. Smith apologized to LeBron James because he didn't think it was possible

By James Brown

Stephen A. Smith and LeBron James
Stephen A. Smith and LeBron James
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The Los Angeles Lakers entered the fourth quarter of Wednesday night's game against the LA Clippers trailing by 19 points to then at the first moments went under 21 but that didn't last long as LeBron James scored 19 points by himself, outscored the Clippers and the team won.

Earlier that day, Stephen A. Smith said in First Talk to Shannon Sharpe that the Clippers were going to destroy the Lakers but it didn't happen as the 39-year-old superstar gave a monster performance, especially in the final quarter.

Today, Stephen A. Smith said that he owes LeBron James an apology after what he said before the game and said the Lakers superstar was sensational and is impressive in what he continues to do in his year 21 in the league.

Then Brian Windhorst revealed that LeBron James outscored his rivals in the fourth quarter and has now done it for the 16th time in his career, something that the closest player to do was Kobe Bryant with 7 games.

Lakers legend Byron Scott says LeBron James carried the team to beat the Clippers

The Lakers won 116-112 and a showtime era legend, Byron Scott surrendered to the King's greatness and gave an epic quote to summarize what the Forward did on Wednesday night: "LeBron, I hope you don't charge your teammates for the ride you just gave 'em on your back."

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