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The head coach that Anthony Davis wants to see in the NBA, maybe at the Lakers' helm one day?

Anthony Davis spoke about a former Lakers teammate he would love to see in the NBA as a head coach

By James Brown

Anthony Davis and Darvin Ham
Anthony Davis and Darvin Ham
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The Los Angeles Lakers continue to struggle in the season, but thanks to the momentum the team got before the NBA All-Star break, the rumors and reports of coach Ham's seat starting to warm ceased, also by the support the front office has shown to him.

But it seems the players still aren't on board with what coach Darvin Ham has been doing, especially with his latest excuses, even blaming Anthony Davis for early foul trouble in the contest against the Phoenix Suns.

It seems the Lakers superstar is now sending a hidden message to the Lakers head coach as AD spoke about wanting to see his former Lakers teammate from the 2020 NBA championship title Rajon Rondo as a head coach in the league.

“Rondo is very cerebral. I’m surprised Rondo is not a head coach right now…. When you talk about somebody who knows the game, like, it’s unreal. It’s even hard to explain, you can’t even really explain it unless you’re in it. I’m talking about dissecting everything. And it’s to the point where, and I see this in you as well, he might come down and [realize] ‘Oh shit, he hasn’t gotten a touch. He hasn’t gotten a touch.’ Or ‘Alright, the defense is doing this. They did this the last two times.’ He comes down and it’s like ‘I need you here, you here, you here’ and manipulates the entire game as the game is going on. He slows it down, picking everybody apart and it’s just like, there’s nothing you can do. There’s nothing you can do.”

Fans want Rajon Rondo to be one of the next LA Lakers head coach

It feels like a matter of time until Rondo is added to a coaching staff due to his IQ, although he has had some off-the-court issues that have likely held him back. While a head coaching job may not happen right away, he certainly could be valuable as an assistant coach, whether on a contending or rebuilding team. And the Lakers Nation would love to have Rondo as the next or one of the next head coaches of the franchise.

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