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He was a champion with the Lakers, and now wants to follow in Deion Sanders' steps but with College Basketball

"Coach Prime" took over the world of sports and a Lakers champion wants to follow in his steps but in College Basketball

By James Brown

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders
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There's a Lakers champion who wants to follow the steps of Deion Sanders or “Coach Prime” who took over the world of sports by what he has done as the football head coach at the University of Colorado. After the Buffaloes went 1-11 last year, Sanders was brought in to turn the program around accompanied by his son Shedeur, who is the starting quarterback.

Odom wants to do something similar but with the College Basketball program, as it has been inspiring to see what Sanders has done in only his first year at Colorado, so much so that it touched the former Laker.

“I love what [Sanders] is doing,” Odom told Arash Markazi of The Messenger. “I think I could do the same in basketball. You give me a program and I’ll recruit and I’ll take them to the Elite Eight and the Final Four. We’ll be able to sell tickets for the first couple of seasons.

That’s for damn sure. I just want to coach. I love to see young men grow and get better. I want us to play the game the right way. I want these young men to represent their school the right way. If you give me a program, I promise you I’m going to live in the gym and turn that team around.”

What Odom wants to do as he is motivated

Odom is motivated to step foot in the coaching world and knows what it takes after winning two championships with the Lakers: “I played for Pat Riley and Phil Jackson,” Odom said. “I came into the NBA as a 6-9 guard and ended up as a rebounding power forward. I know the game. I came in as a young superstar on a young team and ended my career as one of the best players coming off the bench and the Sixth Man of the Year on a veteran team. I know about sacrifice and what it takes to win. I’ve won multiple championships with the best player of my generation Kobe Bryant."

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