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'I hope you don't charge your teammates,' Lakers legend on LeBron carrying the team

Many Lakers legends and the media surrender to the great 4th quarter LeBron James has to beat the LA Clippers with a 21 points comeback

By James Brown

LeBron James led an epic comeback win over the LA Clippers
LeBron James led an epic comeback win over the LA Clippers
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An epic night for the Los Angeles Lakers as they probably played for the last time as the away time in their Arena against the Clippers, unless both teams face each other in the playoffs, as the little neighbor will be moving to their new Arena for next season.

Everything was pointing out to be another disappointing night for the Lakers Nation as the team entered the last quarter with a 19-point deficit and even were trailing at one point in the 4th quarter by 21 points until LeBron James said it was enough.

James led the group to an epic comeback by scoring himself 19 points inside the last 12 minutes of the contest, 34 points in total in the night, which inspired the rest of his teammates to get the work done.

The Lakers won 116-112 and a showtime era legend, Byron Scott surrendered to the King's greatness and gave an epic quote to summarize what the Forward did on Wednesday night: "LeBron, I hope you don't charge your teammates for the ride you just gave 'em on your back."

Coach Darvin Ham got only praise for his superstar

"It was time for him to whip it out," said LA's coach Darvin Ham on LeBron James' insane fourth-quarter performance. Just in the 4th quarter, LeBron James scored 19 points, 7/12 FG, 5 3-pointers, and a +23 in the plus/minus to complete an epic 21-point comeback. In the full game, LeBron scored 34 points, 12/21 FG, 7/12 3-pointers, 1/1 FT, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 blocks, and +11 in the plus/minus.

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