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The Lakers beat the Clippers but what fans need to be rooting for tonight

By James Brown

Lakers vs. Clippers

After the big win on Wednesday night, the Lakers' homework isn't done as they are facing the Washington Wizards later today

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The LA Clippers are the tougher team the Lakers are facing in this week's back-to-back schedule, but after getting the big win this Wednesday night against their "little brother," the job isn't done as tonight the group needs to get a win over the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards are one of the bottom teams in the Eastern Conference, but the Lakers don't have to think about that but bring their best game to eat them and keep getting wins for the West Conference standings and start climbing seeds.

With a 32-28 record, the Lakers are still sitting in the 9th seed in the West, so following the big win last night, what fans should be rooting for today is another victory, this time over the Washington Wizards.

The Lakers Nation also should be rooting for the Golden State Warriors losing to the NY Knicks. Curry's team is currently the 10th seed with a 30-27 record, which is really close to what the Lakers have. Also, LA fans should root for a Houston Rockets win over the Phoenix Suns, the current 5th seed in the West with a 34-24 record.

Lakers legend Byron Scott says LeBron James carried the team to beat the Clippers

The Lakers won 116-112 and a showtime era legend, Byron Scott surrendered to the King's greatness and gave an epic quote to summarize what the Forward did on Wednesday night: "LeBron, I hope you don't charge your teammates for the ride you just gave 'em on your back."

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