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'That's a zero,' former LeBron James teammate on Lakers chance to win a title

The LA Lakers have been struggling all season long and a former LeBron James teammate believes they aren't contenders

By James Brown

LeBron James
LeBron James
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The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to have a similar run to the one they had last year to make it at least to the play-in and then to the playoffs. But not many fans and media analysts are as optimistic as they were last year.

Now a former LeBron James teammate, Channing Frye spoke about the chances that he considers the LA Lakers have to win the NBA title this season, and shockingly for many is a zero chance.

“With the Lakers?” Frye said when asked about Los Angeles’ chances of winning it all. “No, that’s a zero. That’s a zero. That is a zero, good try. I love you guys. I mean, put it this way. If we stop right now, who are they playing in the play-in? The [Golden State] Warriors? That’s a 50-50 chance right there.”

Frye went as far as to say that a potential Play-In matchup between the LA Lakers against the Dallas Mavericks would to for the team that is led by Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving instead of the one led by LeBron.

The message Frye would like to give LeBron James if the Lakers star was listening

James’ former teammate revealed what he would tell the four-time champion if he saw him. “Bron, listen, that’s my guy,” Frye continued. “I love you. If I saw him, I’d tell him the same thing. ‘Hey, you had a great year, big guy. That’s crazy. You’re 39. I sweat going up the stairs. I need a breath. You out here averaging 25. But, it ain’t it.’”

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