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Unbelievable, LeBron was so outstanding that even Skip Bayless surrendered to his greatness

The 'Undisputed' analyst Skip Bayless is known to be LeBron's number one detractor, but now even he has accepted what the Lakers did vs. the

By James Brown

Skip Bayless praised LeBron James outstanding night vs. Clippers
Skip Bayless praised LeBron James outstanding night vs. Clippers
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This Wednesday night it was looking to be a new loss for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, in what has been a constant because of multiple struggles including the underperformance of the team's role players, a clueless head coach, and different players being out due to injuries.

The team entered the last quarter of their game against the LA Clippers in the latest Battle for LA edition trailing by 19 points, even at one point the team was down by 21 points, but LeBron James said otherwise as the Forward alone scored 19 points in the final 12 minutes to have a total of 34 scored points for the game by the superstar.

LeBron James was so great with his shooting and performance that even his biggest and most popular number one detractor, the Fox Sports 'Undisputed' analyst Skip Bayless accepted the standout performance the Lakers star had to beat the Clippers.

Bayless posted on X after the Lakers victory: "Great game by LeBron James," and also added "Now the Lakers should take off and rise out of the play-in tournament. They're so much better than they've played since winning the In-Season Tournament."

Skip Bayless can't stop praising LeBron James after the Wednesday win over the Clippers

"LeBron said: It's my house," stated Skip Bayless in the latest episode of 'Undisputed.' Skip said that there was some Clippers collapse but that he thinks LeBron shot them through the heart adding that he believes James takes the rivalry seriously.

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