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After Max Christie's injury, the guard set to 'steal' his role in Ham's lineups

By James Brown

After Max Christie's injury, the guard set to 'steal' his role in Ham's lineups

Without D'Angelo Russell and Max Christie, another point guard got to shine vs. Nuggets, tonight could have more playtime

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Coach Darvin Ham has a tough task ahead of him, as his players continue to get injured and become unavailable. This Thursday night, the team gave a good battle against the NBA reigning champions the Denver Nuggets, despite not having four of their key players and losing one more during the game as Max Christie left the game early after getting injured.

First D'Angelo Russell was unavailable because of knee soreness, then missing Christie, left coach Ham with only Austin Reaves, Skylar Mays, and rookie Jalen Hood-Schifino as his available guards.

Ham used Skylar Mays, and while the point guard only played seven minutes and didn't score a single point, he left a great impression, with 2 assists, one steal, and +1 in the plus/minus.

If Mays gets a bigger role tonight and Christie isn't able to return to the court in the second leg of the back-to-back, this time against the Pelicans, the sophomore could be losing his role against teammate Mays.

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“We talked a lot about continuity at the beginning of the season,” Pelinka said. “We really like the players on our team and we’re confident in this group of players. Of course, that said, our job, my job, is to always look for ways to upgrade our roster. But you can’t buy a house that’s not for sale. We spent a lot of time looking for ways to use assets to make our team better. But the right move wasn’t there."

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