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'Already too old,' Skip Bayless takes a shot at LeBron pushing for a multi-year deal with LA

By James Brown

LeBron James and Skip Bayless

The Lakers superstar is looking for a salary increase with a multiple-year contract in LA

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The Los Angeles Lakers are still playing the 2023-24 season, but most of the talk is focused on the future of the franchise regarding their superstar LeBron James who is set to become a free agent next summer and is reportedly pushing for a multi-year contract with the purple and gold.

The reports have LeBron James pushing for a 2-3 year deal that would make him make more money, 60 million per year (max) making him end the contract at 42 years old. While everything points out to go that way, some in the NBA media and fan base are having their doubts if is worth it.

Fox Sports 'Undisputed' analyst Skip Bayless believes that LeBron James is too old to be pushing but that kind of a deal as he won't go for a pay cut because of his pride. Some believe that a pay cut will help the Lakers to build a better team to contend for the championship title.

But Bayless believes LeBron's pride won't allow the superstar to get a pay cut but ask for more money. James has been open about wanting to retire as a Laker, the same sentiment the governor and owner Jeanie Buss have, so it seems that a deal should not be a problem as both sides are willing to get it done.

The massive new deal that LeBron James could land with the Lakers

If LeBron goes his way and gets to make 60 million per year on a 3-year contract, he would be making 180 million which will make him one of the best-paid NBA players, only behind the 62 million that AD will make after the extension he signed in last offseason.

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