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Amid trading rumors, Anthony Davis shows off his 31M mansion to D'Angelo Russell

By James Brown

Amid trading rumors, Anthony Davis shows off his 31M mansion to D'Angelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell has been part of different trading rumors, still, he recently visited Anthony Davis who showed him his 31M mansion in LA

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For weeks it has been rumored that the Los Angeles Lakers were thinking of making a trade with the Atlanta Hawks for Dejounte Murray or another team for a guard, with D'Angelo Russell as the team's trading piece, but with the trade deadline just hours away, it seems D'Lo will stay in LA for at least the rest of the campaign.

While the rumors continue, D'Angelo Russell had his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis as his most recent "The Backyard" podcast episode which started with the big man hosting D'Lo for the interview with a house tour of his 31 million mansion.

When Davis moved to LA, it isn’t surprising that he quickly got settled by buying a 20,000-square-foot mansion that made him shell out $31 million, paying $11 million in cash while the rest was secured via a mortgage.

Davis apparently purchased the property from a retired real-estate developer Ted Foxman. Foxman also asked for the assistance of established interior designer Lonni Paul to decorate the home. AD showed D'Lo his jersey collection, signed Kobe Bryant shoes, and more.

In the interview, AD says the Lakers would've won the 2020 championship even without the bubble

In the LA Lakers D'Angelo Russell's latest podcast "The Backyard," Anthony Davis gave a reality check to everyone who doubts or calls it a fake title: “People talk about ‘aw the Lakers championship. Oh, it wasn’t real, the bubble'… We were running through the league. We were gonna win anyway.”

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