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Another day, another Patrick Beverley shot at the LA Lakers, can't get them out of his mind

The former Lakers guard Patrick Beverley has spoken on his podcast again about the purple and gold team and fanbase

By James Brown

Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook
Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook
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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most popular teams in the NBA, and it isn't for any player to be part of it for several reasons, one of them is that the franchise has one of the most passionate fanbases in all the league, and former LA's point guard Patrick Beverley has opened up about his time in the team.

When Pat Bev first arrived he couldn't stop talking, he hyped himself too much, saying he was a better jump shooter than Steph Curry, that LeBron James and Anthony Davis were going to be playing with him and not the other way around, even said he was going to lead them to the playoffs, but he was just disappointing on the floor.

The new Bucks player spoke about how "tough" the Lakers fan base is on a recent episode of his podcast. "Lakers fanbase a MF... they want you to score 30 every night." “I wish I would have knew about the fan base more,” Beverley said. The veteran guard was then asked what he would have done differently during his stint with the Lakers.

“Stayed my a– off Twitter, straight up,” Beverley said. The three-time All-Defensive selection then went on to elaborate about how tough the fan base really is. “I ain’t gon’ lie,” Beverley said. “Lakers fan base a motherf—–. They want you to score 30 every night. And the day you score 27, ‘Trade him. He’s a bum.’ Yeah, Lakers fan base tough.”

Patrick Beverley also spoke on how the fan base was harsh on Russell Westbrook

Beverley then pointed out how tough the fan base was on former Lakers guard Russell Westbrook, who was traded by the Lakers last season and is now playing with the Los Angeles Clippers. “But you seen it throughout my teammates,” Beverley said. “You seen it, obviously, through Russ. I see it through D-Lo (D’Angelo Russell). But, it comes with the legacy they have also.”

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