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'Another superstar is coming,' Kendrick Perkins bold reveal about the Lakers

ESPN's Kendrick Perkins has given a shocking revelation about the Lakers adding a new superstar in the Summer

By James Brown

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins
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The Los Angeles Lakers are still looking to make a run for the championship title this season, as they have finally established their identity as recently Anthony Davis said, but rumors have they are pursuing to land a third superstar in the next offseason ahead of the 2024-25 campaign.

Even when LeBron James and Anthony Davis are focused on turning the season around, making it to the playoffs, and having a deep run that hopefully can end with the group winning the NBA championship title, the organization is already looking to improve the current roster.

Despite many struggles in the season, the GM Rob Pelinka stood pat in the trade deadline, and next summer the front office will have three-round picks to make a move to land an All-Star caliber player, and ESPN's Kendrick Perkins has revealed it will be happening.

Kendrick Perkins said in the Pat Mcaffe show that he knows the Lakers will land a third superstar in the summer, but despite having that exclusive he also added that he can't reveal the name just yet but that it's actually happening.

Lakers fans speculate it will be Trae Young

Kendrick Perkins said that he can't reveal who is but fans believe the third superstar will be Trae Young, as recent reports have the organization pursuing three potential All-Star caliber players, the Hawks star is one of them, Donovan Mitchell and Kyrie Irving. Young could be the superstar as recent reports have the Atlanta Hawks willing to make a trade for their guard, plus, at the trade deadline, the Lakers and Atlanta held a lot of negotiations.

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