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Anthony Davis gets brutally honest on stars not competing in All-Star Game

Anthony Davis believes stars participating in the All-Star game have one concern that prevents them to shine

By James Brown

Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Anthony Davis and LeBron James
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The NBA All-Star 2024 has come and gone and become another boring and disappointing contest for basketball fans to watch, instead of being highly anticipated like it used to be when Kobe Bryant and other greats used to participate.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis participated representing the purple and gold but had limited playing time due to their current injuries and now want to get hurt as they will be looking to take the Lakers climbing seeds in upcoming weeks. AD opened up about injury concerns being the reason for the lack of competitiveness in the All-Star contest.

“Obviously the fans and the league and everybody wants to be competitive, but then you also as players think about trying not to get hurt,Davis said. “Obviously injuries are a part of the game, and no one wants to get hurt in the All-Star Game. … All these guys here are very valuable to their teams. So it’s some mixed emotions about it.”

“You try to go out there and compete a little bit and not just be a highlight show. But at the same time, do you guys really want to see somebody going down for a dunk and somebody going to contest it and, God forbid, something happens in the All-Star Game when it could have been avoided?”

How the All-Star weekend can be improved for years to come

A potential idea is giving players of the winning team a money bonus, similar to the In-Season Tournament, or a one-on-one tournament with a prize. Keeping players healthy but also providing some entertainment during this break will be on the mind of Commissioner Adam Silver as he tries to find a solution.

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