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Anthony Davis got brutally honest about what LeBron has given him to do

Anthony Davis and LeBron James have become of of the strongest duos in the NBA, this is how it came to be

By James Brown

LeBron James and Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis
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The Los Angeles Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis are playing some of their best basketball in years, especially since the 2020 NBA championship title season, despite the team struggling in the campaign but it has to do more with the role players and the head coach than the duo.

Recently, Anthony Davis had an interview with Serious XM NBA Radio, where he opened up about how LeBron James guided him through adversity from the first moment he arrived in LA 'till this day.

AD revealed that as soon as he arrived at the LA Lakers locker room, LeBron told him to not worry about the pressure and play freely, as all the pressure was on James and not on him.

But after the championship title, Anthony Davis wasn't been able to stay healthy, until this season, which made him worry about his career until LeBron James once again took the pressure out on him "He just said hey man, everything will work itself out," revealed AD about James.

Stephen A. Smith gives LeBron James a reality check on the Bronny backlash

Recently LeBron James deleted a post where he sent a message to the media to leave his son Bronny James alone letting him be a kid. The media went hard on the Lakers star. "This is all his fault. All of it... You're gonna tweet about folks needing to leave your son alone? You did that... Own it. It's you. It's not the media. LeBron is entirely and completely culpable for any kind of critique coming in Bronny's direction." Said the ESPN's analyst Stephen A. Smith.

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