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Austin Reaves Hype on Ham Finally Betting on Starting Lineups Continuity

By James Brown

Austin Reaves Hype on Ham Finally Betting on Starting Lineups Continuity

The Lakers guard Austin Reaves opened up about the latest starting lineup that got the win against the New Orleans Pelicans

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The Lakers had their best offensive performance against the New Orleans Pelicans, especially in the first half where they scored 85 points after the first two quarters. Austin Reaves feels it is evidence of what this team is capable of.

“Yeah, for sure. I think as you see tonight, when we get in a good rhythm, a good flow, we have so many options and we have so many ways to attack defenses because of the skillset that we have on the court,” Reaves added.

“We’re still somewhat new but we’re continuing to grow and build that chemistry on the court and feel more comfortable playing alongside one another. But I think that just shows what we can do as a team offensively. We can obviously clean some things up defensively, but yeah.”

“I think we played this lineup quite a bit last year at the end of the year and into the playoffs,” Reaves noted. “So we have kind of a good feel of how to play with one another. Rui gives you somebody that can shoot the ball but if you put a small on him, he can go straight to the post and operate out of there."

Austin Reaves got high praise from his starting lineup teammates

“He made a couple really good passes tonight that was very inspiring. Obviously AD and Bron doing what they do, and DLo as well. We’re just looking to continue to grow that together and continue to get better.” Said Austin Reaves.

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