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BREAKING: Spencer Dinwiddie Will Become a New Laker When He Clear Waivers

By James Brown

BREAKING: Spencer Dinwiddie Will Become a New Laker When He Clear Waivers

The LA Lakers will be signing today the point guard Spencer Dinwiddie and his future teammates have reacted

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Following the speculation that generated Spencer Dinwiddie's attendance in the LA Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans game alongside the purple and gold GM Rob Pelinka, today is set to be official, the point guard will sign and play for LA as soon as he hit waivers.

Via ESPN's Dave McMenamin: "Spencer Dinwiddie will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers when he clears waivers, a source familiar with his plans confirms to ESPN." The point guard will clear waivers at 2 p.m. PT.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis on what Spencer Dinwiddie could bring to the Lakers. "Playmaking for another ball handler, another shot maker, another vision..." Said LeBron. AD says similar to LeBron on Spencer being another shot maker for the team. When D’Angelo Russell was asked about what Dinwiddie is like, a former teammate of his, said, “I’m a fan, but you’ll get to know him soon.”

While the Lakers stood pat on the trade deadline because of the now famous "Lakers Tax," not finding the right move and betting on continuity, GM Rob Pelinka was fast to act in the buyout market and is hours away from signing the 15th Lakers player for the rest of the season.

The Lakers are shorthanded and hopeful that a fully healthy roster could have a championship run

Without four key players, the Lakers got the win over the Pelicans. Ham and his coaching staff believe that once Max Christie, Jarred Vanderbilt, Cam Reddish, and Gabe Vincent fully recover and are back can make the team the contending group they believe they are, plus the soon addition of Spencer Dinwiddie.

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