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D'Angelo Russell is the Lakers Steph Curry? LA legend bold comparison

By James Brown

D'Angelo Russell is the Lakers Steph Curry? LA legend bold comparison

The Lakers legend James Worthy has compared an LA star with the effect that Curry brings to a team with his shooting

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The LA Lakers are starting to look to finally be on the right track to find their rhythm and get a significant winning streak in the following weeks despite the recent loss to the Nuggets and the lack of movements in the trade deadline.

LA has signed Spencer Dinwiddie in the buyout market but still heavily relies on one of their stars, D'Angelo Russell. Lately, Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Lo has been on a heater, and it was evident when he scored 30 points on some hot shooting as the team burned the New Orleans Pelicans 139-122 on Friday.

Following the impressive win over the New Orleans Pelicans this Friday night, the Lakers great James Worthy made some fascinating comments on Russell and brought up Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry in the process.

"He is the key... He does have that Steph Curry effect when he's hot... We're 0-5 without him. That's not by accident... Every team needs that person, and he's been that guy." Said Worthy on D'Lo. Russell was rumored to leave LA in the trade deadline but the team decided to keep him after his impressive run this season.

D'Angelo Russell isn't Steph Curry but has helped make a difference with LA

Russell isn’t quite Curry, who most consider to be the greatest outside shooter in basketball history. But on occasion, Russell will go on Curry-like hot streaks, and when he does, it raises the ceiling of this Lakers team.

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