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Darvin Ham sets goal for the Lakers in the rest of regular season

The Lakers head coach and a player have set the goal for the Lakers at the end of the regular season

By James Brown

Darvin Ham
Darvin Ham
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After several struggles in the season, despite the fact the team is still shorthanded, the Los Angeles Lakers seem to finally be on the right track and even Anthony Davis said they have finally established their identity.

Christian Wood spoke on the team's goal for the end of the regular season. “Try to get to the playoffs, that’s it,” Wood said of the Lakers’ goal. “Try to finish off this little back-to-back strong. I think we’re ninth right now in the West, but I think we’re a top-six team. I think if we come back with the attitude to try to stay consistent, stack wins together, I think we’ll be a tough team to beat.”

Head coach Darvin Ham agreed with Wood and acknowledged that he and the players went over different scenarios for how the rest of the 2023-24 season can play out.

“Totally,” Darvin Ham said. “We definitely want to finish in the best possible fashion. Yesterday when we got on the practice floor, we watched film and after the film we put a slide up that gave out some different scenarios of the last 28 games and what our target record needs to be in order to achieve what we’re trying to achieve, whether it’s avoiding having to play two Play-In games or ultimately securing a spot in the playoffs."

Darvin Ham gets real on how the last stretch of the season could go

“Would we like to go 28-0? Hell yeah. But is that likely? Hell no. Just being real. So you’re just trying to target different scenarios and put that in front of them so they can start moving it around in their brain and say OK, going into the break we got to finish out strong, coming out of the break we got to be all guns blazing heading toward our goal trying to accomplish that.”

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