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Former Lakers player shows love to LA on his NBA Legends starting lineup

By James Brown

LeBron James and Lance Stephenson

A former Lakers player has given his starting five includes three Los Angeles Lakers legends on it

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It's become more common that NBA players pick two or more Lakers legends inside of their starting lineups with the best of all-time of the league, this is the case of Lance Stephenson who has three purple and gold legends on his.

Lance Stephenson recently assembled a starting lineup of NBA legends after being asked to name his top five players of all time, and three Los Angeles Lakers greats cut.

“Man, this is hard,” Stephenson told HoopsHype. “A lot of people get mad. My top five, I’m just going to do position-wise. … No, I’m not. So Kobe [Bryant], [Michael] Jordan, no order, LeBron [James], Tim Duncan, Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal). That’s my starting five right there. I know there gonna be a lot of argument of who gonna shoot the ball, but I think they’ll figure it out and actually beat everybody that everyone else picks.”

The starting five he came up with looks like a formidable group that could take on any five-man unit. While there might not be enough basketballs to go around, having players with such high basketball IQs would likely work wonders for such a lineup.

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