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Former LeBron James teammate believes Lakers roster isn't meeting expectations

By James Brown

Former LeBron James teammate believes Lakers roster isn't meeting expectations

The LA Lakers are thinking of making a trade and that's because players aren't meeting expectations

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The NBA trade deadline is quickly approaching and with many rumors and reports continuing to surfaced regarding Lakers players possibly leaving LA, LeBron James former Cavaliers teammate Richard Jefferson has said that isn't LeBron's fault.

James has the fame of having input on the roster and teammates getting traded, but Jefferson believes isn't LeBron's fault but the player not meeting the expectations set on them as the LA Lakers are trying to contend for the NBA championship.

"This isn't about LeBron. This is about having talent and not meeting those expectations." Said Jefferson on the pressure to perform on any contending team.

D'Angelo Russell has been the player rumored to be traded by the deadline, but now that he has significantly improved and LeBron James has been vocally supporting him, it seems LA won't be trading the point guard after all according to recent reports that have the team thinking on keeping the roster as it is or making just minor moves.

The Lakers have a 3-winning streak but continue to struggle

Despite the recent 3-game winning streak, the Lakers are in ninth place in the Western Conference, leading to speculation that they are looking to improve and will make a trade before the deadline on Thursday. Russell looked like an expendable trade piece when he was removed from the starting lineup earlier in the season. Now, based on his improved play, he could be moved because his value might be higher. He has a player option on his contract for next season.

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