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Former LeBron James teammates get brutally honest on what makes the Lakers superstar great

In a recent podcast, LeBron James' teammates spoke about the Lakers' greatness on and off the court

By James Brown

LeBron James
LeBron James
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Despite the LA Lakers' struggles, LeBron James continues to be one of the best players in the team and the league, even at 39 years old and in his season 21 in the NBA. James keeps looking as dominant as ever like the years haven't passed.

Recently, Mario Chalmers spoke on how LeBron James is a great teammate on and off the court, as he revealed that the LA Lakers superstar makes sure to take his teammates out to dinner every road trip.

In the same episode of the podcast Teammates, Michael Beasley also shared the story of when LeBron James spent $100K for a painting for his wife just to put it in storage.

Beasley revealed that LeBron bought the painting for his wife Savannah to recreate it in a photoshoot, stored the picture, and hung the one his wife made, revealing that it was the most boss and romantic move he had seen.

LeBron James blasts the narrative of Lakers being favored with Free Throws

"That's who we are. A lot of coaches and teams say ‘All the Lakers do is get to the free-throw line.’ That's the narrative out there… I mean we have attackers, that's what we do. We shoot the ball from the perimeter but we're not shooting 40-50 3’s a game, we're not that team and we don't have the luxury of being that team... I know I was hit a couple of times in the paint but it wasn't called.”Said LeBron James on the narrative of the Lakers being favored with multiple Free Throws.

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