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'Gone cold,' D'Angelo Russell could stay in LA after latest trade talks update

By James Brown

'Gone cold,' D'Angelo Russell could stay in LA after latest trade talks update

The NBA trade deadline is almost here but things couldn't go like fans are expecting, especially on the Atlanta Hawks Murray move

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling in the season, even when at the moment have a 3-game winning streak, are over .500 with a 27-25 record, and are in the 9th seed in the Western Conference, still, rumors and reports have them considering to make a trade ahead of tomorrow's deadline.

The trade that has been set to be the top priority had the Lakers potentially giving D'Angelo Russell to a third team and a round pick to get Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks, with many NBA insiders claiming the move to be about to close.

But the latest update on the situation according to ESPN has the negotiations gone cold between LA and Atlanta, and this isn't shocking because also reports have surfaced with GM Rob Pelinka considering keeping D'Angelo Russell and keeping the roster as it is now or just making minor moves.

Christian Wood has been the player to be rumored to be traded to have a smaller trade, especially with D'Lo being constantly the third-best player in the team and critical for the team's current 3-game winning streak with outstanding performances against teams like the Boston Celtics, NY Knicks, and the Charlotte Hornets.

NBA insider believes the Lakers will go for a smaller move

“If L.A. doesn't do a larger deal, don't be surprised if the Lakers surrender a second-round pick to land Wood on another roster,” reported John Hollinger of The Athletic recently. “His $3 million player option for next season will likely make this more expensive than a typical deal with a minimum expiring contract — it will likely require a real second and not just cash. But in L.A'.s case, the financial calculus of accessing the roughly $9 million tax distribution to below-tax teams is going to make it a worthwhile transaction.”

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