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Goodbye to LA? The 2 Lakers players set to be moved in NBA's deadline, not D'Lo

With the NBA's trade deadline today, the Lakers are still looking to make a trade with two players being its trade pieces

By James Brown

D'Angelo Russell will be staying in LA, but other two Lakers players could be leaving soon
D'Angelo Russell will be staying in LA, but other two Lakers players could be leaving soon
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The NBA trade deadline is about to end and the Lakers could be making a move at any moment now, it has been revealed the two players that are willing to move around to other squads, and D'Angelo Russell is no longer set to leave LA as he has proved his worth in the last stretch of the current season.

The trade talks between LA and Hawks have cooled off because Atlanta has remained adamant on the fact that they want two first-round picks for Murray, something the Lakers really can't offer them at this time. Not to mention, Atlanta has zero interest in taking back D'Angelo Russell in any scenario for Murray.

Los Angeles has grown increasingly confident in Russell's impact given his recent stretch of games, which may just be some of the best basketball of his career.

The Lakers continue to explore opportunities involving Gabe Vincent and Christian Wood on the trade market. Rui Hachimura is a player the Lakers would prefer to hold onto, yet they have also explored what a return would look like with him in a potential deal around the league.

The Lakers could not make a trade at all in this NBA's deadline

There have also been reports that suggest the Lakers betting on continuity, keeping their roster as it is actually built as there aren't many players in the trading market that move the needle like LA needs, and are also keeping their first-round picks to go big on the next offseason. There has been even a rumor that LA wants to pursue Donovan Mitchell in the summer.

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