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Has Kendrick Perkins unnoticeably revealed a third superstar to arrive in LA in the Summer?

The Lakers are set to go for a third superstar in the summer and Kendrick Perkins could have revealed his name

By James Brown

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins
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A couple of weeks ago, Kendrick Perkins revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers are getting a third superstar in the next NBA offseason, but didn't give his name as he said he isn't an insider and people trusted him.

But earlier today, during the NBA's First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe, the three analysts had a debate regarding whether or not LA will be making it to the WCF in the upcoming playoffs.

Smith and Perkins believe the Lakers won't be making it again while Sharpe is still optimistic about LA turning the season around and making it to the Conference Finals.

When Perkins gave his reasons on why he believes the Lakers won't be making it to the WCF again, he said LA should be already thinking about going to the summer and signing the Hawks guard Trae Young, with this revealing the name of the third superstar he knows will be going to LA.

Trae Young makes sense being one of the three targets LA has for the summer

With Young as the team's third superstar, Perkins believes the Lakers will be able to have a bigger success and even said he thinks the guard would be a great match for Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

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