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Have the Lakers made a move for Brown Jr? A mystery team has offered a 1st pick

By James Brown

Have the Lakers made a move for Brown Jr? A mystery team has offered a 1st pick

The Lakers could have made an offer to the Toronto Raptors for Bruce Brown or maybe is just another NBA team

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Trade negotiations between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks have reportedly gone cold for Dejounte Murray. This means the Lakers are looking to land another player if they are wanting to make a trade ahead of the deadline.

The next name has been reported to be Bruce Brown Jr. from the Toronto Raptors. A new report suggests an NBA team has made an offer for the Raptors star that has Lakers fans wondering if the purple and gold is that team.

A mystery team has reportedly offered the Toronto Raptors a first-round draft pick for Bruce Brown, per Michael Grange. “According to a league source, the Raptors are asking for and have been offered a first-round pick for Brown, who is earning $22.5 million this season and has a team option on his deal for next season worth $23 million.”

What is against the Lakers being that mystery team, is that other recent reports have the team wondering to keep their roster as it is right now, especially after their latest 3-game winning streak, and wanting to keep their trading pieces for the offseason.

The Lakers aren't doing a trade in the deadline because they'll pursue Donovan Mitchell in the offseason

A recent report by NBA insider Bill Reiter says: "Sources tell @CBSsports that a complicating factor on whether or not the Lakers acquire an impact player in the next 24 hours is the belief within the organization they could have a chance to acquire Donovan Mitchell this summer. Knicks also could be in play."

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