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He signed a 56M Deal with LA in the Offseason, Austin Reaves Favorite Muscle Car

By James Brown

He signed a 56M Deal with LA in the Offseason, Austin Reaves Favorite Muscle Car

While Austin Reaves isn't one of the top-paid Lakers stars, he surprises with the car he drives

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The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is now a billionaire, but even before that, even when he was known to be cheap in mundane aspects of his life, he liked to spend the big buck on his luxury car collection.

One player just starting his NBA career and signing a multimillionaire contract is the young SG Austin Reaves, who, before signing the four-year 56 million max extension, was earning less than 2 million per year.

Still, Reaves has been able to show his love and passion for cars, as he has been spotted driving several luxury rides. Austin has an impressive collection of vehicles, but the Mercedes-AMG G63 is a fan favorite. This SUV is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine which produces around 577 hp.

Moreover, Austin also has a muscular all-black Lexus GX. The heart of this beast is a mighty 4.6L V8 powerplant, pumping out impressive performance. With its fantastic array of cutting-edge features and smooth, effortless drive, the GX is a highly desirable choice for discerning buyers. There's no doubt that despite the de difference in fortunes, even LeBron is surprised and impressed by what Reaves has been able to do in two years after being undrafted.

Austin Reaves is pursuing a Kobe-like career

Even though Reaves is a talented player, he isn't expected to become a superstar in his NBA career. Still, he wants to follow in the footsteps of Kobe Bryant because he wants to build his whole career in Los Angeles with the purple and gold.

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