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'He's committed to the Lakers,' Rich Paul gives the words that fans want to hear

LeBron James' close friend and agent Rich Paul has revealed his commitment to Jeanie Buss

By James Brown

Rich Paul and GM Rob Pelinka on LeBron James future in LA
Rich Paul and GM Rob Pelinka on LeBron James future in LA
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LeBron James isn't going away from LA, at least not for the next season according to the superstar's close friend and agent Rich Paul as he revealed the player's commitment with Jeanie Buss and the Lakers franchise.

After the Lakers decided to stand pat at the NBA trade deadline, some took that as a sign that James would bolt in free agency. James has a player option for the 2024-25 season and has yet to publicly commit to staying in Los Angeles past this year.

However, James’ agent Rich Paul set the record straight about where LeBron is with the organization, via Stephen A. Smith Show: “No, he’s committed to the Lakers,” Paul said. “Jeanie has been an incredible partner for him and us and I think it’s important for that to be understood and to be respected. Obviously, there’s ups and downs and emotions throughout the course of a season, but ultimately LeBron’s committed to the Lakers.”

While teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors will chase after James in free agency, he is reportedly focused on returning to the Lakers. James can easily do so by declining his player option and re-signing with the team for another raise. Buss has stated before she wants to see LeBron retire as a purple and gold player.

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