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How LeBron James will be present on the field at the Super Bowl

By James Brown

How LeBron James will be present on the field at the Super Bowl

LeBron James is an avid NFL fan and could be present in Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl between Kansas and San Francisco

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LeBron James has attended the last couple of Super Bowls, and this year will be held in Las Vegas, one of the Lakers superstar's favorite spots. So it wouldn't be a surprise that the King is present in one of the most exciting sports events of the year. But LeBron could be present in more ways than one.

The Lakers superstar LeBron James is known to have one of the biggest brands with Nike, only rivaled by Michael Jordan. James brand has crossed sports and today one Kansas City Chiefs star will be wearing some customized LeBron James cleats.

The Chiefs are looking to repeat winning the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, and one of the stars has shown the LeBron cleats that will be wearing in the most important NFL game of the year.

LeBron James even shared the news of his cleats on an IG story, and with the Lakers' next game being on Tuesday night, the superstar could be one of the attendees of the game. James was in the last Super Bowl where Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs got the win.

There's a rumor LeBron James could get on stage with Usher at a half-time show

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has a good relationship with Usher, the artist who will be performing at half-time. With James appearing in the teaser of Usher's performance, and having been part of a previous Usher concert, the Lakers star could surprise showing up on stage.

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