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'I don't care at all,' D'Angelo Russell on the continuing rumors of his trade

By James Brown

'I don't care at all,' D'Angelo Russell on the continuing rumors of his trade

The NBA trade deadline is quickly approaching and D'Angelo Russell is just focused on the game

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The Los Angeles Lakers now have a 3-game winning streak against two of the strongest teams in the Eastern Conference and a lot has to do with D'Angelo Russell and his continuing improvement on the court as he has been the third-best player of the team.

Still, countless rumors have him as the trade asset for the Lakers to get an upgrade from him in the trade deadline that is almost here, and when asked about them, D'Lo was clear and confident, that he doesn't care about them.

"I don't care at all. Show up to work. That's it. ... I just thought it made sense (to waive his no-trade clause). I've been here before. I've played for the Lakers before. So I know what the requirements are to be successful here."

New reports have the Lakers thinking about keeping the team's roster as it is currently built, probably having to do with Russell improving his game and showing he is key for the team's success just like he was last season when the group turned the campaign around.

D'Angelo Russell praised Rui after his performance vs. Charlotte

"We all know what Rui's capable of. ... He's been doing great, continuing to offensive rebound and get open shots in the pockets that are open throughout the flow of the game." Said D'Lo.

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