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'I love who we have in the locker room,' LeBron could end Lakers trade chances

By James Brown

'I love who we have in the locker room,' LeBron could end Lakers trade chances

The Lakers are set to make at least a move in the upcoming trade deadline but LeBron James thinks the roster is good as it is now

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling this season, but in the last three games, they seem to have started to trend in the right direction with a winning streak they are looking to continue on Thursday night when hosting a key game against the NBA reigning champion the Denver Nuggets on the day of the Kobe's statue unveiling.

Because of the team's struggles and the trade deadline quickly approaching, moves have been reported and rumors to happen, but when asked about it twice after the win over the Hornets, LeBron gave these responses:

"You guys went 4-2 on this trip. Do you feel like as a team you've proven or shown why you guys should continue to invest in this group? James: "This is who we have, so there's nothing else to talk about.""

"With the trade deadline approaching, do you like the makeup of this roster? Is this roster good enough to win a championship? Do changes need to be made? James: "It's not a question for me. I love who we have in the locker room. And that's all I worry about... I don't get caught up in that. We're gonna go out and prepare ourselves every single night no matter what it is. No matter who's out on this team. No matter what. So it's my job and it's AD's job as the two captains to make sure we keep the main thing the main thing. The main focus is now: Thursday's game at home. And look forward to that matchup."

The Lakers could not make a move in this trade deadline

NBA insider Jovan Buha reported that the only available Lakers asset that teams truly covet is their 2029 first-rounder: "Despite LeBron James wanting L.A. to approach the deadline with an "all-in" mentality, the odds of marginal or zero moves have increased, sources tell."

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