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INJURY UPDATE: At the NBA All-Star, LeBron James status concerns

The Lakers superstar missed their last game vs. Utah but was able to play the first half of the All-Star game, still, this is how his injury

By James Brown

LeBron James
LeBron James
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LeBron James had his participation in the NBA All-Star 2024 game, but he has been cautious about his ankle injury as he doesn't want to miss more games with the LA Lakers as the team is finally trending in the right direction with a 30-26 record and having won six of their last seven games.

"Trying to get my ankle as strong and as back to where I feel confident that I can finish off this last third of the season," James said during the All-Star presser previous to the contest. "I won't be playing the entire game tonight, for sure. I can get out there and run around with the young guys for a little bit and then shut it down at some point to give my body, and my ankle more importantly, another opportunity to rest."

James said he would leave Indianapolis to travel to receive more medical attention on his left ankle before L.A.'s next game, Thursday on the road against the Golden State Warriors.

"The most important thing for me is definitely my health, where I'm at right now, where our team is leaning," James said. "We're trending in the right direction."

The Lakers as a whole have been dealing with different players injured

"Obviously, with our Laker team, it's been about health all year. Trying to do what's best for me for the betterment of the team." Said LeBron James on his and his teammates dealing with multiple injuries.

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