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Is LeBron James and the Lakers last stand? ESPN's analysts debate on the team's season

The Lakers have been struggling but are set to turn things around just like last year and make a deep playoffs run

By James Brown

Lakers 2024
Lakers 2024
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At 39 years old of age, LeBron James' time as an NBA player is running out despite the LA Lakers superstar has kept showing his best level and despite not having a retirement date, some analysts in the media believe he and the Lakers have this season as their last stand.

The ESPN analyst of "First Take," Stephen A. Smith believes this season will be the last stand for them with LeBron James. But one of his co-hosts, the analyst Brian Windhorst believes the Lakers are looking to contend this and next season with James.

Windhorst believes the Lakers could repeat what worked for them last season to close the regular season and the playoffs, even at the In-Season Tournament.

The Lakers are looking to their last 25 games of the season to bring back their best game to make it straight to the playoffs, avoid the Play-In Tournament and show what they are capable like their undefeated run in the In-Season Tournament.

The Lakers regular season is 25 games away from ending

The goal is clear for LA, to make it to the playoffs, and they have the goal to avoid what happened last season when they had to be in the Play-In Tournament to then have a deep run in the playoffs. This time around, they have a better team and should be making it without the Play-In but multiple injuries have been a big obstacle.

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