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Is LeBron moving from LA? NBA insider worry Lakers fans with latest report

By James Brown

Is LeBron moving from LA? NBA insider worry Lakers fans with latest report

LeBron James will become a free agent soon and his future in LA isn't set in stone, it relies big time on what happens with his son Bronny

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Winning the NBA championship title is the ultimate goal for the LA Lakers, and fans are worried that in case that doesn't happen this season, LeBron James doesn't sign an extension with the team and he could be parting ways. Not only a new championship title could be the decisive factor of LeBron's future in LA, but his son Bronny James could be that element for LeBron according to NBA insider Marc Stein.

“What happens if Bronny James is drafted in June?” wrote NBA insider Marc Stein. “LeBron’s 19-year-old son, in the midst of his freshman season at USC, has not yet announced whether he plans to enter the 2024 NBA Draft or play another season at the collegiate level. But if Bronny does choose to enter the June draft and if he’s selected somewhere in Round 2, as would almost certainly happen in a worst-case scenario, how does Dad react?

“I know of at least two teams on the NBA map that believe LeBron James would consider signing with them at far less than $51.4 million if Bronny James is on the roster. There might be more.

Should the Lakers be ultimately faced with that turn of events, they will be doubly glad that they kept their only available first-round pick that could have been traded in-season. The increased optionality they’ll now have in June will certainly come in handy if they suddenly have a LeBron-sized hole to fill.”

The current James situation for the next NBA season

The elder James has a player option worth more than $50 million in his contract for next season. The younger James has time to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft and could return to the University of Southern California or transfer elsewhere to continue playing college basketball in the 2024-25 campaign.

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