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JJ Redick believes LeBron James won't win another NBA title, is the Lakers last stand?

ESPN's JJ Redick thinks LeBron and Curry won't be winning their fifth NBA championship ring

By James Brown

LeBron James and JJ Redick
LeBron James and JJ Redick
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LeBron James and Stephen Curry are looking to win another NBA championship title with their teams and their fifth personal ring, but some in the NBA media are hesitant about it being a possibility.

Despite the Lakers being able to make it to the Western Conference Finals last season and betting on continuity with some upgrades, the different struggles the group has faced have made many skeptical of their true chances to win it all.

And while analysts like Shannon Sharpe, who believe the Lakers will at least repeat making it to the WCF but even go beyond that, ESPN's JJ Redick has disrespected LeBron James and Stephen Curry when asked about who is more likely to win a fifth ring, the Lakers or the Warriors star?

Redick thinks neither LeBron nor Curry will be winning another ring. The Western Conference is a tough one and some superteams are doing great this year, while LA is in the 9th seed and the Warriors in the 10th with big differences from the top 6 seeds. JJ even went as far as he doesn't even have those teams as a sleeper to win the title.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis believe in the group they have

With making it to the WCF last year, the Lakers superstar LeBron James and Anthony Davis trust their current roster and believe they have the potential to win it all as shown during the In-Season Tournament. When the team was focused on winning it all, they displayed their best basketball and showed what the team was capable of.

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