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Kobe inspired him, Max C. chooses the pose he would like seeing Bryant's statue

By James Brown

Kobe inspired him, Max C. chooses the pose he would like seeing Bryant's statue

The Lakers are unveiling Kobe Bryant's statue today, and Max Christie is trying to guess the pose it will have

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The Los Angeles Lakers have today one of their most anticipated moments in the purple and gold fanbase, as the organization led by owner and governor Jeanie Buss is finally giving Kobe Bryant the ultimate honor by unveiling a statue of arguably the greatest LA legend.

Sophomore Max Christie is known to be a big Kobe Bryant fan, and the young guard has spoken about what Kobe means for him and playing in the same team that he did.

Max Christie recalls his favorite Kobe memory. “Coming here, playing for the organization that he played for, it’s been a dream come true for me.” Christie isn't the only young Lakers to have been inspired by the black mamba, as this year's rookie Jalen Hood Schifino is also known to be a massive fan of Kobe.

The young guard is trying to guess what pose Kobe's statue could have revealing his favorite one. On his favorite Kobe pose Max said: “Him ripping his jersey to the side is probably one of the most iconic for me.”

Shaquille O'Neal spoke about Kobe Bryant and his former teammate deserving a statue in LA

"Obviously it’s well deserved,” O’Neal said of Bryant’s statue. “I’m always bragging about how many rings I’ve got – definitely couldn’t have gotten the three that I’ve got without him.” The Lakers will be unveiling later today the statue of Kobe Bryant.

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