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LeBron James' agent and friend Rich Paul puts an end to the GOAT debate

The Lakers superstar LeBron is often part of the GOAT debate with Michael Jordan and now Rich Paul has given a bold and impressive take

By James Brown

Rich Paul and LeBron James
Rich Paul and LeBron James
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The NBA has seen some great players during its history, but usually, the GOAT debate boils down to two names LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Sometimes, depending on who speaks, the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant gets thrown in the mix.

In a recent interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Rich Paul, who is LeBron James' manager and close friend, has given a bold but interesting take that ends the GOAT debate and conversation.

Rich Paul said: "If LeBron, Mike and Kobe were in a room together, they all belong." Hinting to all three being the greatest players the sport has ever seen no matter the number of titles each has.

For many LeBron James is the GOAT but having won four NBA championship titles, for some, it detracts him, making MJ to be still the No. one. But this take has all three being the greatest players of the sport in a league of their own.

Anthony Davis and Rui Hachimura did something with the Lakers that only Shaq and Kobe did before

In the game against the Utah Jazz, the duo of Anthony Davis and Rui Hachimura did something that AD and LeBron James haven't been able to accomplish and that is to score 35+ points each in the same game, something that hasn't happened in the Lakers since Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal did it.

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