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LeBron James input on his son Bronny entering the 2024 NBA Draft surprises

In the NBA All-Star 2024, LeBron James became brutally honest about his influence on Bronny entering this year's NBA Draft

By James Brown

Bronny and LeBron James
Bronny and LeBron James
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Ever since LeBron James went vocal on wanting to play alongside his son Bronny James in the same NBA team and has been pushing for his son's greatness, basketball fans have been wanting the younger James to join the league.

Bronny James is currently in his freshman season at USC and could choose to enter the NBA Draft after this season. But Bronny isn’t the can’t-miss prospect that LeBron himself was all those years ago and most feel he would be better suited to remaining in college and developing more, especially after his health scare that forced him to miss some time to begin the season.

Whatever the decision is for Bronny, LeBron himself won’t be involved in it. The Lakers’ superstar appeared on the TNT All-Star Game Pregame Show and said the choice to enter the draft will be up to Bronny James himself.

James told "Inside" that his eldest son, Bronny James, has not determined yet whether he will enter the NBA draft at the conclusion of his freshman season with USC. "It's up to him, it's up to the kid," James said. "We're going to go through the whole process. He's still in season now. He has the Pac-12 tournament coming up. ... We're going to weigh all options and we're going to let the kid make the decision."

The Lakers have shown interest in drafting Bronny to keep LeBron happy

Recent reports suggest that the Lakers would be ‘willing to explore’ the idea of adding Bronny namely due to the desire of the franchise to keep LeBron happy.

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