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LeBron James shot at the Lakes after the NBA trade deadline flop

By James Brown

LeBron James shot at the Lakes after the NBA trade deadline flop

The Lakers stood pat in the NBA's trade deadline and LeBron is clearly frustrated with how the season is panning out after high expectations

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LeBron James entered training camp for the 2023-24 campaign with high hopes of having one of his last real chances of winning an NBA championship title, especially with the offseason that the front office pulled off betting in continuity for the first time in the LeBron and Anthony Davis era.

But the season hasn't come out as LeBron and the team first thought, as the LA Lakers are still battling to be over the .500, players have been in and out due to injuries and while he and Anthony Davis have been 90% of the campaign healthy, the rest of the group haven't brought their best game.

Frustration has been taking over the team, but especially over LeBron James who believed this was a true opportunity for an NBA title with running back with the team that made it to the WCF with some upgrades, but ith players not bringing their best game, the star was hoping for the front office would've corrected that with some moves in the trade deadline, instead, they stood pat and now have lost for the seventh consecutive time against the Nuggets.

When asked about the Nuggets repeating the same clutch plays and why the Lakers haven't been able to stop them, LeBron said they are a better team, having a shot to the front office that has failed, again, to build a contending team just when they had the best opportunity.

The hope for the Lakers front office to turn the season around

The plan for the Lakers by betting on continuity is to recover players like Jarred Vanderbilt, Gabe Vincent, and Cam Reddish to see how the team does when fully healthy and hope to have a run just like they did last season.

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