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LeBron's EPIC Message to Doubters & Detractors, Proving Them Wrong for 21 Years

James continues to dominate in his year 21 in the NBA and isn't getting tired of proving wrong any person who doubts his skills and talent

By James Brown

LeBron James
LeBron James
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Despite the loss against the Denver Nuggets, LeBron James got an epic pass that many started doubting the superstar planned that way and started hinting that it wasn't on purpose and was just a fortunate "accident."

A fan took Twitter to post a video with the pass and other epic and similar passes from the King with the tagline: "This pass was so unbelievable that some people literally don’t believe that Bron did this on purpose. Y’all must not know who LeBron is."

Funny enough, LeBron shared that post and used the opportunity to send a message to his doubters and detractors after being dominant during 21 years in the league and isn't looking to stop any time soon:

"After all this time I’m still proving them wrong! I mean you would think they know by now but you know when it comes to me." LeBron James is so great that makes things look easy and for many to think his game is just a casualty.

The Lakers got back on track by beating the New Orleans Pelicans

After the setback against the Denver Nuggets with a shorthanded roster, the team got D'Angelo Russell back the next day to beat the New Orleans Pelicans and get back on track to turn their season around.

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