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Not the 2024 NBA Draft, the route an NBA executive believes Bronny should take

LeBron James' son, Bronny is set to be part of the 2024 NBA Draft, but some believe he should wait

By James Brown

Bronny James
Bronny James
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A lot has been said about Bronny James and making it to the NBA with LeBron wanting to play alongside him in the same team. The biggest possibility has been on the young James being available for the 2024 NBA Draft but with recently having recovered from a cardiac arrest, he missed a big part of the regular season.

Since then, he hasn't been able to make much of a difference as a freshman at USC. Former NBA executive and current columnist for The Athletic John Hollinger believes that University of Southern California guard Bronny James could have an upside similar to that of Orlando Magic guard Gary Harris in the NBA.

While the USC guard’s father LeBron is one of the greatest players in the NBA and currently starring for the Los Angeles Lakers, Hollinger doesn’t think that the younger James should be a one-and-done player in college, especially with what he recently went through.

“He’s not a guy who would normally be a one-and-done,Hollinger said. “Hollinger noted Bronny’s strong frame and feel for the game as positives,” The Athletic’s Brendan Marks wrote. “But he also noted how the USC freshman, as all the stats and game film show, struggles to score consistently at any level right now. Hollinger suggested that Bronny’s upside might eventually be akin to that of Gary Harris.”

What Gary Harris's NBA career became that Bronny could aspire to have

Taken by the Chicago Bulls in the 2014 NBA Draft (19th overall), Harris has carved out a nice career playing for the Denver Nuggets and Magic. His best seasons came in Denver when he had back-to-back seasons where he averaged 14.9 points and then 17.5 points per game.

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