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Perkins says a third superstar is on his way to LA, fans have made their guess

Recent reports have the Lakers targeting one of three superstars, Perkins says they are getting one in the summer

By James Brown

Trae Youn, Kyrie Irving, Donovan Mitchell and Kendrick Perkins
Trae Youn, Kyrie Irving, Donovan Mitchell and Kendrick Perkins
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The Los Angeles Lakers stood pat in the trade deadline with hopes of landing an All-Star Caliber superstar in the summer as they will have available three first-round picks to trade plus some players.

Three main potential targets have been revealed, Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, and Kyrie Irving. But out of the three, Trae Young is the number one guess for the fans after ESPN's Kendrick Perkins reveals he knows for a fact that the Lakers will land a superstar in the offseason.

Recently the Atlanta Hawks are reported to be willing to make a trade for Trae Young, and with Irving being happy with the Dallas Mavericks and Donovan Mitchell being pursued by many other teams, everything seems to be pointed to Young.

Perkins says he believes the superstar is the perfect fit to play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Also believes the Lakers will attempt a make a run but will be looking for next season after this news. Kendrick didn't reveal the name of the superstar.

Kendrick Perkins has revealed a third superstar is coming to Los Angeles

LeBron James could be staying in LA as ESPN's Kendrick Perkins recently revealed that there is almost a guarantee that a third superstar is coming soon to Los Angeles to play alongside LeBron and Anthony Davis next season no matter what happens in the rest of this campaign.

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