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Rob didn't act alone, Lakers GM reveals what James said about trades at deadline

By James Brown

Rob didn't act alone, Lakers GM reveals what James said about trades at deadline

The Lakers didn't make any trades at the deadline, but Pelinka has revealed he talked to LeBron to know where he was at with the team

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The Lakers stood pat in the trade deadline and while at the beginning the fans were shocked, GM Rob Pelinka has recently explained the reasoning behind that decision, mostly being on other NBA teams having a higher price for their players when negotiating with LA and big names not being available that were worth a significant trade.

Since then, Pelinka acted fast in the buyout market signing the best available option, point guard Spencer Dinwiddie. But now Rob has also revealed he talked with LeBron James about potential moves in the trade deadline, revealing LA's superstar is actually happy with the current roster as it was built in the summer.

“The last conversation I had with him was that he was focused on the guys in the locker room and making them the best players and teammates they could be,” Pelinka said. “I think he said after our last game, ‘I love these guys.’ He knows as our leader and our captain, building those guys up and getting the best versions of themselves is going to be important to the run we make. So I’m excited to see that unfold.”

Getting the best versions of players like D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, Austin Reaves and Taurean Prince is absolutely crucial for the success of the Lakers. Obviously everyone must put in the work themselves, but LeBron and Davis can help in that growth and that is the task at hand now.

Pelinka has high hopes for the team once the roster is fully healthy

“We hope to have a couple of the guys that have been going through longer injuries. Vando, to date has been able to avoid a plan of surgery, so we hope at some point we get him back,” Pelinka added. “Could we add a really good player in the buyout market? At some point do we get a really good Gabe Vincent back? We’ve got to look forward to adding those bodies and in the coming days I think they’ll provide a depth push for us when we get some healthy players back that are really, really good players.”

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