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Same speech, Darvin Ham continues to blame others instead of looking to improve

The LA Lakers coach has a new excuse for the team on the loss to the Phoenix Suns

By James Brown

Darvin Ham
Darvin Ham
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With a 1-2 record since returning from the NBA All-Star break as the Lakers fell to the Phoenix Suns and are now 2-2 against the Kevin Durant and Devin Booker team this season as they lost 123-113 on Sunday afternoon.

Because of the loss, coach Darvin Ham has come out and given a new excuse on why the team wasn't able to recover from the disastrous first quarter that they had and it was on the NBA referees.

“Yeah, I think, it seems that the whistle for us is quick,” Ham said. “We are playing defense, or we play good defense, and someone falls down because they missed a shot, as we are getting the rebound, the whistle goes off. I am not one to use referees as an excuse, but it is becoming increasingly tough because of the inconsistency.

“I am seeing our guys get the same contact on them as we are supposedly committing, and the whistle is not getting blown. That is something we focus on; trying to win the free throw line every game. That is tough when I am telling my guys to drive downhill, trying to love and live in the paint and you are not getting calls. I see guys with their hands on our guy’s ribs or swinging and swiping at their heads trying to block the shot, not getting the ball but getting the piece of the body. It is not being called, as simple as that. We have to figure out ways to not let that be a problem. But it is tough, and frustrating when there is so much inconsistency.”

Ham did admit the Lakers were fouling too much in the first quarter

Ham even admitted that the Lakers were fouling too much during a first quarter that saw the Suns propel themselves to a 45-28 lead. Even while criticizing officials for quick whistles, he gave some blame to his own team. “For us, defensively, fouling. Too many fouls,” Ham admitted. “I think they had nine free-throw attempts in the first quarter alone. Offensively, we were a little indecisive. But you cannot give up 45-point quarters. You are going to be playing behind the eight ball the rest of the way if you, in turn, do not get hot or get stopped. We were able to put together a couple defensive quarters in the second and the third, specifically. Again, coming out a little slow, fouling, bad fouls, giving up offensive rebounds in the second quarter.

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