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Shannon Sharpe blames LeBron for the heat the younger James is receiving & warns him

The son of Lakers superstar LeBron has been caught in the eye of the media and Shannon Sharpe has given James a reality check

By James Brown

LeBron James and Shannon Sharpe, Bronny James
LeBron James and Shannon Sharpe, Bronny James
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LeBron James has been hyping his sons for ages, and now that his eldest one, Bronny James, is getting closer to having a career in the NBA as he was set to be part of the 2024 NBA Draft but now apparently has decided to wait for the 2025 Draft which has made the media to be hard on him.

Because of that, the Lakers star took to social media to defend his son by having a message on leaving Bronny alone, which has made many analysts say that the one to blame for that interest from the media has been LeBron himself.

ESPN analyst and a friend of LeBron, Shannon Sharpe has said that the blame for the criticism being directed at the USC player has to be shared by James, the Lakers superstar, and warned him about it. “The comparison was gonna be there,” Sharpe said of the father and son. “But LeBron has to be careful. When…Bronny plays well and then you say, ‘Well, he’s better than some players in the NBA.’ Because people are gonna remember you said that."

“And I understand, that’s his son. But you have to be careful of that. ‘Cause they like, ‘Hold on. Wait a minute. A high school kid is as good as players in the NBA?’ You coulda say that about LeBron, that LeBron as a high school senior was as good as some players in the NBA. And you woulda been right. But because Bronny doesn’t possess his dad’s athleticism or his size, it’s different. He gon’ get strays because of you.”

The media has strong opinions on the matter with LeBron and Bronny James

Sharpe likely isn’t the only one who remembers the elder James using social media about a year ago to claim his son was better than some NBA players. In fact, at the time, Shaquille O’Neal backed James’ take, and well before that, Richard Jefferson said the younger James – as a high school senior in October 2022 — would be the second-best shooter on the Lakers.

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