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Shocking take, NBA former player believes LeBron shouldn't play alongside Bronny

By James Brown

Shocking take, NBA former player believes LeBron shouldn't play alongside Bronny

A former NBA player doesn't want LeBron to play alongside his son Bronny James

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Speaking from his own experience, NBA former player Austin Rivers doesn't want Bronny James to play in the same team that his father the LA Lakers superstar LeBron James in what could be a bold take on the matter.

But Rivers spoke about his experience on how he was drafted and played getting comparisons with his father, and how that affected some of his performances and doesn't want Bronny to have that kind of pressure.

Rivers says that Bronny has a lot of spotlight because of his father, and is talented and should be picked by a team that can help him to develop his game, and right now playing with his father at this point in his career, because right now Bronny's success isn't at a top-tier level could bring a lot of negativity for him.

LeBron James is the most popular player only compared to Michael Jordan, so Rivers believes that Bronny has to write his own story and he hopes that the young James plays in another team and not with his father, at least at this moment of his career. “I don’t want to see Bronny play with his dad. I went through something similar… What happens is that everyone starts to discredit everything that you’ve done… I don’t want that negativity to come his way, he doesn’t deserve it.”

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