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Skip Bayless is Jealous, He Isn't LeBron James' Biggest Detractor

By James Brown

Skip Bayless is Jealous, He Isn't LeBron James' Biggest Detractor

The LA Lakers superstar LeBron James is known to have several detractors and now the No. 1 has been revealed, one that despises him

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FS1 'Undisputed' analyst Skip Bayless is known to be a huge LeBron James detractor but now it has been revealed that he isn't the Lakers superstar's number one detractor, that title goes to famous entrepreneur and pizza critic Dave Portnoy.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy explains how he became the number one hater of LeBron James. While millions love LeBron, there are several who hate him as well. Since James has been in the league for so many years, he has destroyed many teams, whether in the regular season or the playoffs.

In one of Patrick Beverley's podcast shows, Portnoy opened up about his grudge against the Lakers star: "I'm the number one LeBron hater in the world. I'm the league leader like I think I wrote in 2014-ish, '27 reasons why I think LeBron James is the Antichrist.' That was like a literal article that I published. ... I was at when one of the years that the Cavs beat the Celtics and I'm a Celtics guy. ... In Game 7, I was sitting on the floor, I moved a little bit to the center but I was in the corner, and after LeBron beat the Celtics, 10 security guys rushed in front of me like, 'Can't say anything to LeBron.' My hatred for him is well-known, long, and documented."

Some people tend to hold a grudge against players, and the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, is certainly someone who has held a grudge against James for a long time.

Dave Portnoy despises LeBron but admits he is one of the greatest

It seems that Portnoy hates James from the bottom of his heart. Despite that, during the podcast, he still admitted that James is one of the top 10 players to ever play in the NBA.

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