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Spencer Dinwiddie's reason behind his $1 championship bonus revealed

The LA Lakers' new guard Spencer Dinwiddie has a particular bonus on his deal that has caught the attention of the fans

By James Brown

Spencer Dinwiddie
Spencer Dinwiddie
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After standing pat in the trade deadline, the LA Lakers front office acted fast in the buyout market by signing arguably the best available player, the point guard Spencer Dinwiddie who already has played twice donning the purple and gold uniform.

One of the things that has caught the attention of the fans is an interesting bonus added to his contract and that is a 1 dollar bonus if the Lakers get to win the NBA championship title.

Players having bonuses is normal, but Dinwiddie’s contract included a bonus of $1 if the Lakers were to win a championship. Some were confused by this revelation, but Dinwiddie revealed that it began years ago and is now something he and his agent bond over.

“So in my last deal, there was a series of bonuses tied to the ring and stuff like that, one of those being a $1 championship bonus,” Dinwiddie revealed. “A lot of people thought it was funny at the time because I was signed to the Wizards, but me and [Jason] Glushon basically made a deal that we were gonna keep it with whatever deal I signed, if possible, going forward."

It's not about the money for Spencer Dinwiddie

“It’s kind of like just a thing that me and him bond over. Now I’m actually on a team that has championship aspirations so people are like why the hell would you do $1? But it has more to do with me and my agent than anything monetary.”

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