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The Lakers gave their best offensive game vs. NOP, what LeBron liked the most

By James Brown

The Lakers gave their best offensive game vs. NOP, what LeBron liked the most

The Lakers finally gave an outstanding offensive performance in the season, LeBron James got excited with what the starting lineup did

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One of the biggest on-the-court struggles for the Los Angeles Lakers this season has been their lack of offensive power, as Coach Darvin Ham has been constantly changing his starting lineups, but it seems that finally got the one that attacks the best.

James spent some time talking about what the starting five accomplished in the win over the Pelicans and how great it is to see such significant contributions from all five players.

“We were in a great flow, the ball was popping. Obviously DLo had it going, AR I believe started the game 7-for-7 or 6-for-6 and Rui had one of the best offensive performances he had this year. I think he was reading the defense, cutting behind the defense and also making his outside shots. So good performance for us offensively.”

“For me personally, I’m always looking to get my teammates involved,” James said. “If the defense shifts towards me, I’m always trying to pick apart the defense with a pass. That is in my DNA when it comes to basketball."

LeBron James spoke on the team having different ballhandlers

“But obviously we got a lot of ball handlers too so the ball is not always in my hands, which is OK. AR handles the ball, DLo handles the ball, AD handles the ball. I think with Skylar’s minutes he’s even handled the ball and done well too. Tonight worked well for us and I was happy that guys were able to finish.” Said LeBron. The team got another ball handler with the addition of PG Spencer Dinwiddie.

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