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The Lakers legend that wants to see Russ West win an NBA title with the Clippers

One of the Lakers icos believe that Russell Westbrook deserves to win a championship title and should get one ring with the LA Clippers

By James Brown

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook
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Is not new that Shaquille O'Neal shows his love and support to other players and teams that aren't part of the LA Lakers. The purple and gold legend has come out to show his love to Russell Westbrook.

Last year, when Westbrook was rumored to sign with the Clippers, Shaq stated that the PG should sign with them because that team would be in the playoffs and the Lakers wouldn't. Russ did sign with the Clippers and while they made it to the playoffs, the Lakers did too, funny enough, the Lakers made it further going to the WCF while the Clippers were eliminated in the first round.

O'Neal has come out to show love and support to Russell Westbrook over the NBA franchise that helped him become a legend in the league.

Shaq said: “If there’s one guy who deserves to win a championship, it’s Russell Westbrook”. Westbrook had an impressive performance vs. the Lakers on Wednesday night contest. Westbrook scored 16 points and even hit a 3-pointer without one of his sneakers.

The Lakers' Russell Westbrook was different than the Clipper's Westbrook

Despite the Lakers and the Clippers playing in the same city, the results so far for Russell Westbrook in both teams are way different. Westbrook now has a coming-off-the-bench role as James Harden became the starting PG over him. Still, Russ' record with the LA Lakers was 56-74 (.430) while with the LA Clippers is so far 39-24 (.619).

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